Ann Coulter SHUTS UP Ilhan Omar with Just 8 Words

She’s not coming back from that one…

Ilhan Omar is known for her verbal attacks against President Trump, but now she’s going to have a hard time slandering the president after this burn from Ann Coulter.

Coulter seems to had enough of Ilhan Omar and decided to say a few words about her. She said “A screech today from Ilhan Omar, demanding Trump’s impeachment for “violating his oath.” You’d think he married his brother or something.”

A screech today from Ilhan Omar, demanding Trump’s impeachment for “violating his oath.” You’d think he married his brother or something.— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) September 27, 2019

  1. And Clinton with her BS…’d think President Trump had sold our Uranium to the Russians or headed up a corrupt pay for play fake foundation!!!

      1. The DERANGED and DEPLORABLE STOOGE SQUAD SISTERS are being controlled and paid for by the ONE and ONLY GEORGE SOROS ! If they keep up with this CARP they will ALL find themselves kicking DOG dodo down the road and with no place to GO !

      1. You are right Frank, I forgot about Pressley! They seem to be multiplying fast like rabbits – and congregating together in the same halls of “our Congress”???

  2. Thank you Ann. That was a great response. Impeach Trump, From an idiot that married her own brother, and committed fraud to bring him here, then two timing her now husband, and breaking up a marriage. When is she going to get into trouble for these things she has done. Nothing ever happens to the demonrats. She should be in jail, not sitting on her nasty Muslim ass in our Congress. Come on DOJ do something about these people.

  3. Omar and her brother/husband/lover needs to go back to Somalia and work in her used Camel lot. I hear her husband wants to open a used goat lot too.

  4. My problem with what Ilhan Omar (Nur Said, real name), Tlaib, Farakhan, Brennan, is that they all have joined together trying too “DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” ! I have not seen one thing that comes out of their “MOUTHS” that supports anything that President Trump has done to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” ! You would think that they would find something too support our President Trump, but “NO”, they do nothing but try too “DIVIDE OUR LEGAL CITIZENS” against our President Trump, which “PROVES THEY ARE JUST POLITICAL HACKS WHO HAVE AN AGENDA”, and believe me, it is too “DESTROY OUR USA AND PUSH SOCIALISM AND SHARIA LAW” !!

    1. I havent been able to figure out where they got all of their money, or their “inflated positions” in our government???? Seems odd that they all four are around the same age, and somehow made it into Congressional positions with big mouths? They can’t even speak english clearly, much less dress or conduct themselves like most American females…. Go figure (perhaps I have been on this planet too long)
      I wish they would just take a raft back to wherever they came from in the middle east! I don’t know anyone that would miss them or their attitudes if they went home. Our forefathers paid too heavy of a price for this land of ours, and I for one am not going to put a welcome mat out for any foreigner that thinks they can come in and change our homeland and/or culture! They can adapt, love it — or get out and don’t come back!

  5. NOW do you see how TALENT overcomes fanaticism?
    NOW true American flag-waving women – get to work on these in-breeding ingrates- leeching on YOUR hard earned monies whose taxes they greedily grasp and send to their terrorist ‘brothers’. Take a leaf out of the book of a really patriotic American woman who stands her ground and uses her talent to,its fullest extent – IN SUPPORT OF AMERICA – NOT ITS ENEMIES!

  6. Immigration authorities need to revoke omars citizenship for immigration fraud, then deport her back to Somalia, as it is understood her entire family committed immigration fraud, they used some one else name to gain admittance to the US deport them all

    1. I’m more in favor of execution for being an enemy of the state. If these pieces of dung ever gain power in this country, you can be damned sure that they’ll execute those of us who are critical of them. Better we act first…

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