Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Takes Big Step, Makes These Illegal In Her State

One of the biggest threats to American civil liberties in recent years has been mandatory vaccine passports.

They threaten to create a two-tier society.

One set of rules for the vaccinated.

Another set of rules for the unvaccinated.

Alabama is the latest state to block this divisive attempt at coercion by the globalist elites.

And it’s thanks to their Governor, Kay Ivey.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) has signed Senate Bill 267 to ban coronavirus vaccine passports in the Yellowhammer State.

The bill, which prohibited state and local governments from issuing vaccine passports to Alabamians, also prevents businesses in the state from refusing service to a customer based on their vaccination status.

Breitbart News

Here’s her Tweet on the topic:

This is very good news for freedom-loving patriots in Alabama.

But there is one area where the bill falls short…

The legislation does not prevent employers from requiring their employees to receive the vaccination.

Breitbart News

It is the decision of a private company what they ask their employees to do, but it’s also the right of those employees to control what gets put in their bodies.

So this needs to be addressed too.

But it’s still a victory overall, and makes Alabama the 7th state to adopt these kinds of measures…

Alabama joins six other states — Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Texas and South Dakota — in prohibiting vaccine passports or documentation in some form.

Breitbart News

Similar legislation should be passed in as many of the remaining states as possible.

Red states have no excuses not to be blocking vaccine passports.

Blue states are run by liberals who couldn’t care less about civil liberties, so we’re not expecting any of them to block the passports.

But we remain hopeful nevertheless!

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