Al Sharpton DESPERATELY Attempts To Slander Trump

Al Sharpton has made a very big mistake…

On MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network host Al Sharpton desperately attempted to bring down President Donald Trump’s name, saying his behavior showed the “cloudy area he is in mentally.”

Host Nicolle Wallace said, “Let’s go there because “The New York Times” did. I read this in the open, but I will read it again. The speech, as Phil Rucker said, typically rambling, veering on and off script, seemingly at he repeated points, he had already made earlier in the evening as if he did not remember already making them. And I have been on jury duty so let me enter that into evidence, alongside of a couple of other things. David Brooks reported in 2017 that a bunch of Republicans came out of a meeting with Donald Trump explained some signs that were similar to the early stages of Alzheimer’s. You’ve got reporting I think from Phil’s newspaper, from Axios and other places that in and out of the rooms people either disparagingly or affectionately are saying at an increased clip, he’s crazy.”

Sharpton said, “When you look at the fact that grandpa is not sitting home reading the paper, but he’s on the front page of the paper and grandpa has the football with the nuclear bomb mechanisms near him, this is frightening.”

He added, “We’ve been hearing over and over again he’s losing it. And I think what is driving this, even more, Nicolle is that with the economy fearing to be headed at least downward, if not a recession, and you have England and other problems in Europe, it drives him further into whatever cloudy area he is in mentally.”

    1. He always gets his nose in any/all issues that R non of his business..Wherever there’s the slightly controversy, he’s pushes his way in..just like Gloria Allred.. I anyone might have ALZ, it’s him..He is a democratic disgrace..

    2. When he tried to visit Baltimore after the Trump comment and Cummings so-called rebuttal he was STRONGLY asked to go back to NY, he was not wanted because all he is, is a race hustler.

  1. There ought to be a law that if you slander someone and can’t prove it, then a really big fine and jail sentence.

  2. This coming from a huge tax evader, crook and race baiter. Too bad President Trump doesn’t slam a slander suit against this moron.

  3. MSNBC hardly anyone watches it, lies, fake news and unbelievable conspiracy theories that are so out in left field you have to be crazy like the one that put it out there. Sharpton, never hear about the 7 million dollars you owe the IRS. I have come to the conclusion the IRS under Obama’s let you off! I think if it is do Insma should pay it out of the funds he got from the Uranium One deal or when he gets the funds! You know he is not getting one cent less than the Clintons, we will never know when he does get it!

  4. Why would anyone pay any attention to this lying scumbag? He has no credibility with anyone I know of? Trump has passed his physical with flying colors. That is all we need to know. His mental health far exceeds anyone on the left. Why not talk about someone who really does have some mental challenges? Joe Biden. the Democrat front runner? Now there is something to talk about. His gaffs are almost a daily occurrence lately.

  5. Trump is not “losing it as we have been hearing”. He is sharper than “Sleepy Joe” or any of the other twenty something clowns who are trying to get the Democrap nomination to run for POTUS. If “Rev. Al’ were not a successful “race pimp” and all round charlatan he would have to get a real job. BTW, Sharpton is a racist, liar, tax cheat and accessory to murder and rioting yet he has the nerve to slander Trump. TRUMP 2020, MAGA!

  6. Now let’s check the record; Trump is incoherent, but “Creepy” Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biden is just full of humor.
    Trump CONSISTENTLY DRAWS CROWDS at his RALLIES that widely EXCEED the capacity of the venues. Biden can’t draw flies.

    Does that clear it up, for you?

  7. The DEEP STATE will be doing everything in their power to bring about a RECESSION before the 2020 vote.

  8. For someone the left accuses of dementia, Trump sure puts them in their place often enough. I guess by comparison they must be just plain brain dead.

  9. Like most politicians on the left he has an agenda, its about him not about those he pretends to railing on behalf of, that’s what keeps him in power, not where the money is. I think when we fight back we need to remind and identify his actions, inserting himself in Ferguson and many other issues meant to divide america, he makes no attempt to heal. He’s a finger pointer…. sounds familiar to whats going on with Trump Derangement Syndrome by many on the left.
    HE “has been called a race-monger, anti-Semite, shameless self-promoter and a shakedown artist who has used the threat of protest to extract corporate donations for his civil rights organization” I find the last item interesting because it has become the standard approach to any that disagree with the left, boycott them into silence. Maybe the payoffs were cheaper???

  10. Al should be removed and have the title Pastor taken away from him, It is NOT unusual for people to repeat what they have already said. It is called emphasis for those who don’t know. I haven’t head Al say anything about Bidon , Pelosi or the other democarats making public speeches while obviously drunk or on drugs.

  11. This sh**bird is simply desperate — period !!!!!! He is a bigoted lying POS criminal who has intimidated cowards with his crying the race card at every turn. It is time the cowards found some nerve and put this scumbag behind bard where he belongs.

  12. Al Sharpton is nothing more than a pissant race pimp. What he thinks is totally immaterial to reality. No thinking person pays any attention to this loser.
    Phil in TX

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