Al Sharpton DEFAMES Dead Journalist By Doing THIS

He really screwed the pooch on this one…

MSNBC PoliticsNation host Al Sharpton mourned Tuesday’s death of journalist Cokie Roberts by sending a tweet of images of Christiane Amanpour, a still-living journalist.

Sharpton tweeted, “Saddened to hear of the passing of legendary journalist Cookie Roberts. Here is a Easter Sunday special we did in 2011. May she Rest In Peace,” along with several Amanpour images. Apart from the deceased’s apparent misidentification, Sharpton mispelled the name of Roberts.

Critics were fast to point out the mistakes of Sharpton, and the tweet was removed.

Roberts worked on National Public Radio and ABC News as a political reporter and analyst for decades. She died in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday following a lengthy fight against breast cancer.

Amanpour is CNN’s leading global anchor, hosting Amanpour & Company on PBS. She lives in London.

Sharpton, who started his career as a civil rights activist, has a history of mispronouncing individuals, locations, and stuff while on television.

In August 2018, in Aretha Franklin’s 1967 hit “Respect,” he mispelled the most popular lyric of iconic soul singer Aretha Franklin. Sharpton criticized President Donald Trump for treating former aid Omarosa Manigault Newman, whom the president called a “dog” on Twitter.

“So in the words of my late friend Aretha Franklin, show some R-E-S-P-I-C-T, and the next time you get a black woman and a beagle confused, remember this: I got you,” Sharpton responded to Trump’s insult.

In Franklin’s hit, the word “respect” is not spelled like this.

Sharpton has generated a lengthy and fabulous history of gaffes and errors throughout his many years as a TV anchor.

  1. Ole Al Sharpton is not only as ugly as homemade soap but is also dumber than a box of rocks. Can you believe a supposedly human being is that stupid?

    1. This is a classic example of the “dumbing down” of America. Al Sharpton is a member of a group who believe that those people of his ethnicity should not be required to make the efforts to spell correctly, use the English language correctly, or adequately know the topic about which they speak. They are not “held back” in life by others outside their ethnic group nearly so much as by the social pressures within their ethnic group. The ones who try to become educated and successful are told that they are becoming “too white.” Yet some still do have the integrity to raise themselves up from being mediocre, such as Dr. Ben Carson, Louis Armstrong, General Colin Powell, and Aretha Franklin. The iconic song for which Aretha is best known is called ”RESPECT.” Al Sharpton did not trouble himself enough to correctly spell that ONE WORD ; even though every listener hears it spelled numerous times during the song !!! Then Al Sharpton posted pictures of a different person than Cokie Roberts while he attempted to pay his respects to the recently deceased famous television reporter. To Al Sharpton, it is apparent that presenting the facts truthfully is not very important. Al Sharpton’s presence on television is only because the network was pressured to fulfill a quota !!!

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