Al Gore BREAKS Silence, Says WHAT About Trump?

He just crossed the line.

According to Breitbart News, former Vice President Al Gore attacked President Donald Trump stating that he needs to put the country first.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said, “During the 2000 recount, Republicans mocked you and your running mate Joe Lieberman and called you sore loser men for refusing to accept defeat. A lot of those same Republicans, now, including at least 126 House Republicans and 19 Republican state attorney generals throwing their weight behind this Texas lawsuit, which is based on lies and conspiracy theories and falsehoods. And I’m wondering what it’s like for you hearing the Republican Party put the force of weight of their reputations and everything they have worked so hard for behind this effort to disenfranchise millions of Americans and overturn a democratic election?”

Gore said, “Well, many conservative and Republican legal scholars have described that lawsuit as ridiculous and really unintelligible. Of course, the Supreme Court summarily dismissed it with all of the Supreme Court justices nominated by President Trump, dismissing it as well. So that lawsuit got the result that it deserved. I would encourage those who are still supporting the lost cause of President Trump’s re-election to put the country first.”

He added, “I’m going to express the hope, Jake, that with the electoral college of votes tomorrow and in all 50 states, and with the President-elect Biden receiving the majority, that that will be a point at which some of those who have hung on will give up the ghost. It’s hard to escape the interpretation that they are frightened, that President Trump will tweet them into political oblivion if they don’t exactly what he says. But, you know, there are things that are more important than bowing to the fear of a demagogue. One of those things that is more important is the United States of America and our Constitution and the continuation of the American experiment.” You can watch a clip of Gore’s remarks here.

Image credit: National Journal

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  1. Attention Al Gore: In my opinion, Pres Trump has done more for the American citizen than any other president. He has reduce taxes, built a border wall (trying to finish) to protect American citizens, welfare reform, protect SS and tried to pass an infrastructure bill which Democrats denied. What is wrong with America is the so called socialists Democrats who wish nothing more than for America to be Socialist so THEY… THE SHADOW GOVT can control every aspect of your life. Total damnation to humanity.

    1. Absolutely, Sharon. Just think of the dozens of things he has done for us. We are not involved in any wars. He is bringing home our servicemen. North Korea is no longer threatening to bomb us and Iran is no longer shouting death to America. He is helping arrange peace treaties between Israel and several mid east countries which will make the entire world safer. He has brought home our captives from Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc whereby other presidents left them there to die in a foreign land. The list just goes on and on and on. What did Obama do for us – nothing but cause division. What did Al Gore ever do for us – wrote a book on climate warming – big deal. Trump is keeping our borders safe – Biden said he is going to let ALL come in through our borders – will not be stopping anyone. Yep, if Al Gore is reading this, my words to him are shut your stupid mouth, no do nothing for this country individual.

  2. Who cares what Al Gore says…. a has been….. the only reason Clinton wasn’t impeached was no one want Al Gore to be president….

  3. I have posted two comments on this article and they haven’t been listed. I guess the Gestapo is censuring my comment. So much for the 1st amendment with they always violate. Socialism at its finest.

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