Aggressive New Bill From House Dems to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns

House Democrats have wasted no time since assuming control in releasing a proposed ethics reform package targeting Trump and the White House.

The package was predominantly offered by Democrats and while it aims to place new checks on the White House and President Trump, it isn’t likely to be approved by the Republican dominated Senate.

The proffered package depicts many changes to campaign finance and ethics law. It would introduce a donation match system for publicly financed donations, provide additional funding for authorities investigating lobbying foreign agents as well as create a new code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

Campaign-finance law would be affected in that super PACs or groups that spend more than $10,000 in an election would be forced to reveal their donors within 24 hours. An issue that was abused by roughly 70 super PACs during the 2018 elections.

One section in particular is obviously a direct assault on President Trump as it would call for both the president and vice president to release 10 years of tax returns.

Rep. Elijah Cummings is soon to be the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and implied he would be increasing the level of scrutiny given to Trump in the weeks to come. 

“The midterm elections were monumental and indeed historic. The American people gave Congress a mandate: to finally start conducting credible oversight and start enacting reforms. Over the last two years, President Trump set the tone from the top in his administration that behaving ethically and complying with the law is optional,” Cummings said. “We’re better than that.”

    1. Peace and Love.
      The purpose of the president and vice president showing their incomes is to prove that they do not have explainable money. If they did not earn their money by honest work , then, where did it come from? It will reflect whether or not he got the money honestly and from whom.
      It is every citizen business what our employees (our elected leaders ) are doing. It will tell the American People whether or not our elected officials are honest people, and are they concerned about all Americans who they have been elected to keep safe. When one becomes an elected official, He gives up some of his/her privacy to protect America. We need to know if the president is protecting America or selling us out to other countries. I read on the computer that Russia gave President Trump 19% of one of their oil companies. If it is true and not another made up lie that should cause America to be concerned. President Obama sent me and many of the people who worked to help get him elected a long copy of his birth certificate. Where is President Trump income taxes?

      1. Banking laws and records show where a person’s money comes from not necessarily taxes. When you take a certain amount of money out of a bank you know you have to complete govt. forms of how much, and where you’re taking it, like transfer between banks, large purchase blah blah blah. You don’t need tax returns for that, thay’s BS. Just as well dig up his back yard. So foolish.

      2. Evidently you did not realize that Obama’s birth certificate was proven to be a forgery and he was never able to provide a valid, original birth certificate. We don’t mind asking for the President’s 10-year tax returns, but every member of congress (house and senate) should have the same requirements. It appears that every member of the Senate after two to 4 years has become a millionaire with no apparent outside businesses. How is this possible on the senators’ salaries??

    2. If the president and Vice President have to show their tax returns, then every member of the Senate and House should have to reveal theirs for the past 10 years. Should be interesting reading. How many ways can they hide all the bribery money they have received from the lobbyists!?

    3. No one has the right to see people’s taxes, they aren’t public records. I have nothing to hide but I would not show my taxes. I am sure a lot of people wouldn’t show theirs either. It is not anyone’s business.

    4. Obviously you must be a Obama backer, what was he “ obama “ hiding when Trump offered 5 million to Obama’s charity choice if he produced his birth certificate. Never took Trump up on that, why is that

    1. They are to busy trying to nail the president. People don’t matter to them, only power and greed and who they are going to go after next. They have never listened to want citizens want, it is what they want period!

  1. Trump’s “tax returns”, are right next to Obama’s high school, & College records, as is Bath House Barry’s, Birth records! FIRST….LET’S DEMAND TO SEE PROOF OF NANCY PELOSI’S “BRAIN”!…..{ Good luck finding that}…….2nd, let’s look for Hillary C}linton’s 33, 000 e-mails. 3rd. Let’s look for the “truth” about Benghazi! 4th. let’s look for the Truth, about the Clinton Foundation “RUSSIA CONNECTION, & WHERE THE MONEY CAME FROM, & WHERE IT HAS GONE!……{ C’mon Nasty Pelosi…..Let’s get REAL! ! ! ! !

  2. Don’t these lunatic libs have anything better to do than worry about Trump’s tax forms? They’re really nobody’s business but his. And now they want to talk about “ethics”? Let’s talk about their own unbounded “hypocracy”!

  3. When you obtain Trumps tax returns which I believe are none of your business in the first place, we the American People and the People whom YOU WORK FOR Demand to see all of the sealed files of one BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA as proof that he is indeed an american citizen by birth and was indeed eligible to become President of the U.S.A. including ,but not limited to all of his college admission applications and attendance records. Also his financial records proving he did not gain financially from outside sources while holding the office of the President of the U.S.A..

    1. Yes how did Obama suddenly amass all his millions. All of a sudden their living the life of Riley. Never worked a day in his life!

  4. Pelosi and the Dumbocrats have truly become a comedy act. They’ve had control of the house for almost 48hours and they’ve proven to USA citizens they’re incapable of governing. LMAO, is there even one Dem member of the house with sufficient Tax background to even understand Trumps returns. Pelosi is just proving to the country she’s a total bafoon. She’s wasted time on 3 Bills knowing upfront they died in arrival at the Senate! USA majority will never trust the Dumbocrats! Say goodbye Nancy!

  5. So
    Let’s follow the golden rule Nancy you show me yours and I will show you mine tax returns that is I sure that will never happen Nancy why don’t you go back to elementary school or preschool and learn how to be diplomatic did someone throw sand on you on the sandbox you don’t have to like everyone but you need to get along the wall we need the wall you had no problem with the wall before president trump came into office what is you problem now you are hanging the subject to put the focus on trumps tax returns ok let’s see yours first I went to modeling school was offered a free ride to UCLA and modeling jobs I turned down I put my family first you see the white hours is one big family you need to pass the funding for the wall get along it makes no difference whether you like the president or not and my personal opionion I love president trump he is ahead of his time you just don’t get that and how about you pay all
    Of your own bills like everyone else does yes you heard me your insurance pension you self given raises you kids college education expenses yes that’s an excellent idea let’s see if you pay your own taxes and bills like everyone else and 401 k

  6. While Cummings is all about revealing the president’s and vice president’s tax returns for the past 10 years, how about lumping all senators and representatives tax returns into the group. How about letting us know how a person can go to Washington and within a few years become very wealthy. Let us think particularly of the Clintons and Obamas. A few Americans would like to have that information.

  7. They are gonna do everything possible to try and make his like hell. Well President Trump our family is still 100% for you. You need to get every Democrats tax released too. They all have big heads but no heart. I think it will be a long time before you see a Democrat President. The people voted for you and you have been the BEST President. BUILD THAT WALL. God bless you!!

    1. Have Pelosi & Schumer reveal and release their taxes too. Her fraud must be exposed if she and her globalist want POTUS taxes. The question is WHY are they demanding for POTUS tax? Because the Russian collusion is a LIE and FAKE NEWS. They want to push any kind of false narratives against the President..before they get to GITMO.

    2. Let’s also demand that Congress release the list of payoffs for all.their hanky spanky that we had to pay for including who the parties involved and how much they cost us. Get this info before any tax returns are shown if not they won’t ever release the info

    3. Your statements show support with no concern for multiple lies this President has tried to have us believe. He is an egomaniacal man and has no values. Please check some facts then reassess why you would support such a flawed human

      1. L. Rivera, Just wondering what real proof you can provide when you blatantly call our President a liar. Consider the true FACT that Hussein Obama reported that we could keep our current Medical Plans if we wanted to do so. Plus he also told us we could keep our doctors if we chose to do so. And last, but not least, that if anyone chose not to enroll in his medical plan that a “tax” would be imposed. We soon learned that it was NOT a tax, but ACTUALLY a fine. These are LIES presented with FACTS. What can you provide on behalf of your claim that our President is a liar? By the way, if you consider that Mexico would pay for the WALL as a lie, consider that Mexico is actually paying for it with monies saved in the new trading agreement with Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

      2. Are you serious. I recall the scriptures say the let the first sinless one cast the first stone! OK Trump has had personal issues no one approves of, but let’s contrast that with the Democratic parties zest to murder infants (no longer fetuses) infants up till birth! I’ll take Trumps zany sexual dalliances readily before infanticide!

      3. FLAWED MY ASS.

  8. And Cummings said this. Damn Pinokkio your nose has nothing on Cummings. Cummings – you are a lier and one of the Black Caucus Race baiters and one of the biggest raciest I have ever heard open its mouth. Black Caucus is raciest!!!!

  9. Why don’t the Dems consider doing the county’s business instead of wasting time introducing bills that won’t go anywhere. I would like to see all the Democrat leader’s tax returns as well. I bet they would not go for that. Fight back, Donald!! We are behind you 100%. Get that wall built even if you have to declare a national emergency.

  10. The demoncraps are talking about ethics????
    Just when you think you’ve seen it all!!

  11. Unless ALL Federal employees are subject to the same tax disclosure requirements. It is discrimination, and a violation of privacy. If it is made a requirement. Make it apply to ALL Federal employees.

  12. President Trump…we are with you that wall…this is a national security to the american people. Demorates needs to get on with proper business and leave you the hell alone. People that voted for these rates needs there heads examine.. Republicans needs to stay on track and not pass there nonsense bills. Demand there tax returns also.

  13. I can’t believe how stupid this law is! 10 years of tax forms ! Why ? The people should be able to vote in any one they want. What a president has earned before has a private citizen . This is just one more way to waste their time and not do their job. Our president is working hard and I for one really appreciate him

  14. Like havin the chicken hawk in charge of the chickens..damn talk about those in glass house not throwing any ya gotta know this is just smoke and mirrors to try and distract from the fact Mueller got shit..and that dems are so crooked all their edges are shop…lol..what a joke.. Cummings be careful what u wish for..what ever u strap Trump with u and yours will be subject to as well…dumbasses all

  15. OK , then hows about Just as Soon as the KENYA MUZZY OBARRY , Releases ALL of His SEALED RECORDS . THAT will PROVE that BARRY SOETORO was a FRAUD , ILLEGAL , PHONY POTUS

  16. Well Pam, what does he have to hide? Afraid they will find ties he doesn’t want America to see? If nothing to hide, why not disclose?

    I have an idea about the wall. Let’s make Mexico pay for it!!!!!

  17. No one has hidden their taxes but Trump. The best president ever?? Really??? He has desecrated that office. The bar has fallen so low, the rappers seem as presidential as him. Sorry rappers…didn’t mean any disrespect. I know many of you are no where near as vile, foul, profane and vulgar as he. Did I mention vulgar and profane? He had the audacity to comment on the new Congress woman for using profanity. I guess he is the only one permitted to call people profane names.

    And I have an idea….let’s make Mexico pay for the wall and not the US taxpayers!!

    How about that idea Pammy?

  18. Time , to have every employee in the government release
    Their taxes and show the hypocrisy of pols. Trumps salary is $1.00 per year …., let’s see Nancy Pelosi hi is a multi millionaire from her father and husband work for a $1.00.
    Since 1964 when Ted Kennedy changed the immigration laws we have had nothing but , low income , poor people flood our country , take jobs from high school educated citizens and bring drugs and gangs to our country . Time to build a wall and limit access. Change the laws Mr President

  19. When all senators and congress release and make their’s public to all citizens of US then he should declare his..But not until….

    They are no better then anyone else!!!

    How about Ex president Obama and Michele Obama declare their? At least President Trump is not taking a salary so its none of anyone business.

    How much does Nancy Pelosi make? Chuck Schumer? Alex Ocasio Cortez who claims from the Bronx when infact she was raise in the height which home are 1.2 million. Dad designs building for living. Congress woman from michigan who has ties to linda soros…

  20. This would be fine. Just don’t make it retroactive. Make it fair. Any new president and vice president would need to do this. Also, Let’s expand this to include the house and senate. Make it a yearly requirement so we can get a better idea who is being paid by lobbyists. I would bet a lot of our reps and senators would be taking an early retirement. Do what you think you must, just make it fair across the board. Maybe we can get more hearings to investigate everyone DC government. You seem to love spending time on investigations rather than making and passing laws.

  21. If they truly believe they have the right to rummage around in Trumps tax returns…then I want the ability to rummage around in all congress members tax returns also…right?

  22. I am a retired Federal employee and agree that the President should show his tax returns if the Senate and House of Representatives will show theirs. Otherwise, he should not since his prior dealings are his business and not the concern of the Senate and House. I suggest that anyone who becomes an elected official of the US government furnish their tax returns to the IRS and a copy to the office of DOJ for review each year. I do not think that this suggestion will get much interest because it will show how much in-sider trading is done and the amount of bribes and gratuities given to our representatives.

  23. the house democrats sure like to waste a lot of time & Taxpayer money , butt can’t /Won’t support real border security !!!

  24. wasn’t cummins the one who helped lois lerner cover her involvement in the tea party scandal of abuses of power under the color of authority,typical fox /henhouse dem mentality

  25. This is just a comedy show! The Dem’s know it will never pass on Congress. If it did do you know how many politicians line there pockets with lobbyist monies??!! You do not need tax forms to see his banking ventures…the Cobal wants to know how much he is worth! Killing them that they do not know! Lol..Dem’s DO YOUR JOB AS WE ELECTED YOU TO DO AND GET SOMETHING DONE TO HELP THE CITIZEN’S OF THIS COUNTRY!!

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