After Mexican Flag Raised at ICE Facility, Democrats REFUSE to Do THIS

Instead they praise it…

2020 long-shot John Hickenlooper refused to condemn the protesters who removed an American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag during a protest outside an Immigration Customs Enforcement facility.

Protesters assembled against the widespread ICE raids. Raising the Mexican flag after taking down the American flag, they also hoisted a Blue Lives Matter flag they had vandalized.

Hickenlooper addressed the events in a interview on Fox News’ America’s News Headquarters.

“Is that is something that, as a moderate, needs to be condemned?” Leland Vittert asked, in regards to the protest.

“I certainly respect the American flag. In my whole life I have been fighting to make this country and to make sure that this country welcomes everyone and that the flag represents everyone. I’m old enough I remember when people were burning the flag in protest of the Vietnam War,” Hickenlooper answered. “The amazing thing about this country is we are the one place on Earth, or one of the few places on Earth, where that level of freedom of speech is still protected so I may not approve of it, but I think that that freedom is something we as Americans should recognize and say, ‘Hey, that’s part of our core freedom.'”

Vittert responded, “I appreciate walking the line and as you point out there is a way to say I defend your right to do it, but I find the behavior abhorrent. Are you willing to say that doing that and ripping down the American flag over a facility in running up the Mexican flag is wrong? Doesn’t send the right message? Is not what is going to unite us as you say is so important?”

“I think there are better ways to unite us, there is no question about that,” Hickenlooper stated. “You will find all kinds of things that — it’s not a question of whether you are progressive or a moderate I feel like the progressive things that we’ve accomplished in Colorado are very — I’m an extreme moderate they are very progressive.”

    1. Because maybe they are birds of the same feather and flock together, and therefore, would never disparage their flock of buzzards!

      1. Very Good Reply. Enubus 18. Thank you. You are a True. American. People that cuts down America are evil and disgusting and its Unpatriotic.

    2. Good question and I have the answer, it’s simple their not Americans period end of story!! Any real American would condemn this ILLEGAL ACT!!! As for Hickenlooper turd, he should be locked up for Treason.

  1. The Left condones criminal activity because they have criminal minds. They hate our Constitution, Laws, Flag, and Country. Free speech is fine but criminal actions is not speech. They should be imprisoned. Tired of all these CRIMINAL ACTIONS.

  2. This won’t go well in 2020. I can’t believe that the average American or even our young adults, would condon this. We need harsh laws if someone disgraces the Flag. I also thought that raising a foreign flag over US soil was illegal.

  3. I thought it was against the law to tamper with Federal Property.Isn’t a Flag raised over a Federal building Federal Property?Also I agree with President Trump any foreigner that hates America should go back to their countries of Birth.Also President could Not be talking about AOC because she was born here.So when President Trump said go back to your countries to fix Why is she (AOC) thinking its about her.She Really has a Swollen Ego!!!!!

    1. She is a woman but not a Lady. Illegals come over here and tries to change us to their country way of thinking. I refuse to be drawn into their Drama.

  4. This is sick when you have a democrat Governor of Colorado praise these anti- American actions, but again he is a democrat…

    1. The Governor said he was an extreme moderate. He forgot to mention the fact he can’t wrap his
      mind around the dumb position he took on this. This happened on Federal Property so apparently he
      doesn’t know this is a crime or maybe he doesn’t care and very different under the law as someone burning our flag at a protest rally. A law needs to be passed where burning or stomping on our flag should be against the law under any circumstances.

      1. They did the same thing in the 60’s. Don’t believe they did anything about it then either. Think The Democrats were in power then. History does repeat itself.

  5. What do invaders do once they have conquered the country that they have invaded? They take down the invaded country’s flag and raise the flag of the invaders.

    But the Democrats have convinced the American people that they are not being invaded, even though we have over a million foreigners entering the USA illegally just in 2019, as many millions more have come in the previous 2 decades, yet Democrats claim their is no invasion, but today we have 30 to 40 million foreigners in the USA illegally.

    STUPID is as STUPID does, but first STUPID always is as STUPID believes.

    Democrats refuse to allow these invaders to admit their citizenship status, even as far as suing in federal court to stop it, because if they did they could no longer be counted for representation in the US House, nor for the number of “Electoral College” votes allowed in the states that they reside. This is how Democrat states keep their representation in the US House and in electing a President, when their failed policies, high taxes, and extreme regulations cause real American citizens to move to red states where they can actually make a living, and are not forced on the federal governments dole, as most people living in states controlled by Democrats have to, such as the enormous amount of homeless people living on the streets of the major cities in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, and New York.

    Strange how not a single Democrat has complained about the invaders raising their flag in Colorado, after taking down the US flag and denigrating it, or is it really that strange? Do Democrats really care more for their illegal foreigners than they do for American citizens, as the rumor has now reached a deafening crescendo, or is it just a rumor, or is it the truth?

  6. Why wasn’t every criminal that participated in this desecration of our flag and our country rounded up and jailed? Hickenlooper hasn’t done anything that he claims. He is a typical cowardly democrat traitor that either overtly or covertly hates this country and doesn’t care what happens in or to it as long as he can maintain some level of power. Power is the only thing the democrats care about, it sure isn’t our country or We the People.

  7. Homebuilder you are an idiot. What you condone is ridiculous, but do carry on being stupid. As you know you can’t fix stupid and your just another added nail in the democrats coffin.

  8. Where were the police while this act by the Left was in progress? Were the Security Cameras working, to identify, breaking and entering on Federal Property is a felony offense, were the Feds asleep or just turned a blind eye? We have the Leftists trying to take over the country, seems like law enforcement doesn’t mean anything in Colorado and Hickenblooper, should be held to the fire for being a broken down stupid Clown. I guess you can’t fix Stupid!

  9. I thought that these “poor immigrants” were escaping untold hardships in their own country and wanted to come to America because of the tremendous respect they have for it. Yet they’re so quick to rip down our flag and replace it with their own – I’d say that this shows their story – repeated countless times by the Democrats – to be a total crock of s#!t. They aren’t fleeing a damn thing other than a lack of handouts, and when they don’t get their way, they turn ugly almost instantaneously. They’re not even smart liars. I think the whole rotten lot of them should be permanently deported. How much disrespect are Americans expected to tolerate IN OUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY?

  10. We have laws, if you do not like them
    Change the law! Do not look the other way when laws our broken or not obeyed. You disqualify for being President. As President you are carrying out the laws, and so does every DemocRAT running for President!

    1. Trump does what he thinks is best. That is why we vote for whoever we believe, while they are running. I have seen numerous times when Trump’s own Party did not always back him up. If one of these ladies gets in as President, This Nation will see never be the same. This Country will be like the Countries were they came from. Worse than Germany when Hitler was in Power.

  11. Extreme Moderate? Is the rather redundant? Like a little bit pregnant or military intelligence? The left has gone absolutely insane. Vote as many as possible out in 2020.

  12. That’s the flag that the whole pack of them honor, problem is none of the maggots have the balls to stay in their homeland and make things better, they see America as easy pickings, because of the liberal fools who would allow their mothers last bit of food to be taken by these illegal bastards. DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT and imprison the anti Americans who hire and conspire with them

  13. If I had been there I would have taken down the mexican flag that was hanging and burned it. This is America and not Mexico. How dare you people treat Our American flag as you do. You do not belong in America if you want to destroy OUR flag. Colorado what the f is your problem. I lived there and I do not recognize it. You were beautiful now…

  14. Disrespecting or destroying our flag should be considered an act of treason or at the very least Anti-American. Either one should result in deportation or incarceration.

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