Adam Schiff TARGETS AG Barr

He’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Adam Schiff attacked Attorney General William Barr stating that he’s lying to the American people about the threat level China poses to the election.

Schiff said, “That’s just a plain false statement by the attorney general, a flat-out false statement. Interestingly some other administration officials have been trying to mislead the public by saying China is the bigger threat to the country in speaking of global terms because of the rising power of China. They’re using that answer in response to questions about the election, but they’re at least careful in their misleading the public by not saying that they’re a greater threat to the election.”

He added, “They’re saying generically that they’re a bigger threat. But what Bill Barr just did in that statement was just flat-out mislead the American people with a blatantly false statement. Joe Biden has been briefed as well as our committees, and he acknowledged as much the other day. It’s just such a disservice to the country that we can’t trust our own attorney general, but apparently, Bill Barr is willing to do anything or say anything to help Donald Trump.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: The Bearded Patriot

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  1. gee it’s democRAT Shifty Schiff with the claim of AB Barr falsehood , what a credible & reliable source Shifty Schiff is . hE HAs been lying to the American Public for years !!!

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