7 GOP State Reps. Punished By Democrats For 1 Stupid Reason

Democrats in the State of Maine chose to get tough with Republicans recently.

The Speaker of the House stripped 7 State Representatives of their Committee responsibilities for not wearing masks.

But the Democrat Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, completely lifted the state’s mask mandate as of this week:

The Democrat speaker of the Maine state House stripped Republican lawmakers of their committee posts Monday after they entered the state House without masks in accordance with the governor’s most recent executive order.

State Rep. Laurel Libby (R) released a video of a confrontation between the seven unmasked Republican lawmakers and a Capitol police officer who told them they are required to wear masks in the state House, even though Gov. Janet Mills (D) released an executive order, effective this week, that ended the state’s mask mandate.

Breitbart News

Here’s the video that Libby released:

So there was no rule being broken by the Republicans in the first place…

Turns out the Democrats had an ulterior motive:

House Speaker Ryan Fecteau (D) said the rule to continue wearing masks reflects “a respect for our shared workplace.”

“I simply will not tolerate attempts to devolve our institution into showmanship and political theater,” Fecteau said in a public letter to the Maine House lawmakers.

Fecteau subsequently removed the Republicans from their committee posts and replaced them with Democrats — not other Republicans.

Breitbart News

They wanted to replace the Republicans serving on committees with Democrats!

Democrats are only comfortable once they’ve created an echo chamber where everyone repeats their own opinions back to them.

Disagreements are threats to them.

They didn’t even have the guts to challenge the Republicans directly, they just invented an excuse about masks which wasn’t even accurate.

That really reflects badly on their character, but we all know the Democrats aren’t America’s best!

  1. FK these demonRATS, and I would like for them to say something to me for not wearing a mask, because I never did wear a mask, just into a Dr office, the only time that I put this crap on my face.

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