44% Of Americans Share This Opinion About COVID

There are many theories out there about where COVID came from, and one has a clear lead over all the others.

The latest Tippinsights poll finds that 44% of Americans believe the coronavirus was created in a lab.

This is what The Gateway Pundit reported back in early April 2020.

The Gateway Pundit

Not only do more Americans believe this theory than any other, but the mainstream media and Big Tech have changed their views too, after spending a year censoring it and calling it misinformation.

All of this is very intriguing because the mainstream media and Big Tech do not typically promote the truth.

We’re sure that more information will be revealed in the weeks to come.

Some Americans chose other theories too.

44% believe it was developed in a lab

22% think it came from animals

11% think it’s a naturally occurring virus

8% think the virus came to be as a result of human living habits

16% were unsure about its origins

The Gateway Pundit

Each of these options could reveal the truth, or it could be something we haven’t thought of yet.

But what’s clear is that the Establishment cannot be trusted on this.

Especially after they embraced this lab-leak theory after spending ages trying to sweep it under the carpet.

Believe what you know you can trust – which isn’t the mainstream media, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Democrats, or Big Tech!

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  1. Of course it was created in a lab, so the real question is when are Americans going to wake up and do something about it. The upcoming 2021 and 2024 elections will be the true tests to see if Americans have just given into the China CCP and Democrat swamp’s plan to take over our great country and control your money, education, jobs, rights and family values.
    Proud Veteran & Patriot

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