2020 Democrat Proposes WHITENESS Tax

Let’s hope he’s not actually being serious…

Democrat presidential candidate, and the party’s golden boy, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke has a plan for reparations.

And his plan involves taking cash from white people via taxes and transferring it to African-Americans as part of wealth redistribution, Fox News reported.

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke suggested Thursday using the tax code to address income inequity by transferring wealth from rich white residents to African-Americans.

During a campaign event at the Salem, N.H., home of James Smith, a former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, about 100 attendees gathered to see and listen to the former congressman from Texas congressman, the Washington Examiner reported.

One person asked O’Rourke how he would use the tax code to help minorities. He first responded by detailing the difficulties African-Americans have faced in trying to build wealth in the face of what he said was institutional discrimination.

“What if in the tax code we did a better job of breaking down that accumulated wealth, of taxing it so it is not producing the greatest income and wealth inequality that we’ve seen in our lifetimes, unseen since the Gilded Age of the 19th century?” he said.

“What if we decided that we would use the proceeds to invest in people, in education?” O’Rourke said to his fans.

He was asked by another person in his New Hampshire audience how he would bring racial healing as he suffers from the crime of being white.

“I can choose to do this as a white man, to involve myself in this conversation. I can just as easily choose to back out of it,” he said.

“All I can tell you is I’m doing everything I can to listen to those who are experiencing this, to call it out as boldly and as plainly as I can,” he said.

“My commitment to you is to continue to do that, to acknowledge my privilege and the experience that is far different from others who are here right now,” he said.

Src: The Federalist Papers

  1. This THING is PANDERING to get your vote, Then you can watch your Job, Money, Family, Dreams of a Brighter Future
    just Disappear as the Socialist, Communist, Scumbags take it ALL BACK from what they PROMISED you………

    PS: Just Look at Venezuela, Cuba, and the rest of the Socialist Countries, I think Canada is Next to go
    Free is Nice but Never a True Reality, WAKE UP AMERICA…..


  2. Pardon me but is this brain dead piece of meat serious. Robert Francis who chooses to go by the name Beto in order to deceive the Hispanic voters has now proven that if elected his first efforts as President of the United States of America is to deceive his own race, or is he following the democrat agenda of lie until your elected and then conveniently forget every word spoken in the heat of the battle for power. Is there a single Democrat with an honest bone in their party. This party has been owned since the civil war by foreign interests who funded the war effort for the south and assumed control of the party after the loss shaping their treasonous anti American agenda. Under Democrat President Woodrow Wilson much was done to provide access to control over America’s currency when the Rothschild’s took control in 1913 with the formation of the Federal Reserve as a private entity controlled by England who we have believed to be a friendly while twisting America into knots for the purpose of regaining lost territory. Please look up the reports created by American Intelligence Media on you tube for an in depth revelation of the relative facts covering the treason being used to destroy America. Those who vote Democrat are voting for the end of the greatest country on earth and a return to serfdom where ordinary people have little to no value.

    1. These demorats come up with the stupidest politicians, like omar and cortez. DUH! Now they got that Beto who is a hypocrit and could care less about the US. He is rich so he doesn’t care about the rest of the white people who aren’t and would have to pay for this stupid issue. He doesn’t understand or know the problems with the blacks who have had many opportunities and many chose to sit back with their hand out. Also, he would tear down the wall if one was built. He is so unpatriotic and should be deported or shot. How dumb can a person be. We don’t need people like him around and especially not in politics.

      1. He’s an anti-American communist and he warrants what the founding fathers provided for us in the first 10 amendments of the Constitution for those who commit Tyrannical acts against the American people and all who died for this nation! We are on the verge of a Civil War in most of us know that with the exception of the few idiots on the left and follow these Hitlerians to their own demise!

    2. Sadly your 100% right that’s why we must fight these liberal tyrants throughout the world. Europe & the UK right now are in a crisis of survival but they seem to be waking up finally, I just hope we don’t descend to that level here before waking up.

    3. Are you serious because we have the most corrupt President in the White House. He gives tax breaks to his White Billionaire pals & now his new China t Tariffs will raise prices even more. Trump hates the people who he is supposed to help but has no problem raising our taxes! Do you really know what you’re talking about? I doubt it. BTW this Government the GOP are NOT pro life because they have killed many of our boys & girls in their many many wars! Now they’re itching for another WAR but this time these enemies will hurt us in our own land. How many more must die bc of this pitiful SenateGOP??

      1. “Beto” is correct, there should be a new tax. Lets call it a “Dumbness Tax” say 99%, for “Beto” and all his Liberal supporters.

      2. How is he corrupt? Here’s the hard part, whatever you say must be true. He’s done more for this country, and especially minorities than any president since Abraham Lincoln. I’m assuming by your answer that you don’t mind the idea of your money being taken, and given to those who didn’t earn it: unless your one of those who doesn’t earn a living, but expect “free stuff.”

      3. Andrea, where are you coming from? If it wasn’t for the white Americans this world would have gone to hell long ago..

    4. Are you really a man of God? If you are you know Trump will never make it anywhere near the pearly gates considering he’s broken 9 of the Commandment & practices the 7 deadly sins daily! When Trump can fit through the eye of the Needle let me know! Mathew 19:24

    5. Talk about a racist this idiot takes the cake. How could anybody with a brain vote for this piece of garbage. The communists as well as the democrats “ divide and conquer “ is there a difference.

  3. He can take his stupid white ass and kiss my black ass. Who does he think we are? To stupid to be a thinking man who can stand on my own feet without a handout from his f-cking white ass, take all your Hangouts and shove them up your Mama’s ass. We’re men not needing your pity I’m not a victim and your measly handouts to brive us with your taxpayers money F-u .

    1. James you nailed it with your comment, it is a “bribe”. Apparently he thinks all of us regular “joes/Jill’s” are just stupid,lazy people who are below him and we do not have pride in our own selves to prefer to work for an HONEST dollar!

  4. So this is what my “white privilege” earns me, huh? I worked delivered meat during the week and worked summer jobs to completely pay for my high school education, including books. I worked every summer at a variety of jobs and also at Christmas (at USPS) to completely pay for my college degree. I worked 9AM – 7PM every day for 38 years, not including my being away from home travelling for business approximately 2 weeks per month. I was in the National Guard for 6 years. I’m married for 36 years and raised three wonderful daughters. I have never been arrested. All four of my grandparents came from Ireland in 1907-09, WAY after slavery was ended. I fell NO OBLIGATION to pay reparations to anyone or to support another of Beto’s wacky ideas to pay people for not working. I’m retired now and I say that you have to make your own success – and I’m not using my retirement to fund a cause that isn’t needed. (No one alive in the US today is a slave to anyone else – the slavery is caused by self inflicted liberal nutso ideas.) Beto and the rest of the “free stuff” idiots can all just go to he11.

    1. Are you really a man of God? If you are you know Trump will never make it anywhere near the pearly gates considering he’s broken 9 of the Commandment & practices the 7 deadly sins daily! When Trump can fit through the eye of the Needle let me know! Mathew 19:24

    2. BRAVO!!!! I don’t need to comment since you’ve said it all, quite eloquently I might add!! Well done and so correct!!! MAGA!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

    3. Well said… these Lib’s are causing division between the races!! I will go to jail before I pay a white privilege tax!!!

  5. Little does anybody know that BETO is short for “Beat-off”, which is what needs to do, because he’s a loathsome, pathetic POFS puke of a human being…

  6. “Beto”, obviously sits around all day, as a result he smothers what little brain he has with the pressure applied to his brain by all the body weight. His analisis, is typical of the Leftists, who love to give away other peoples monies and guard their own wealth by screwing people that work for a living. One wonders when the Left will start flying their Hammer and Sickle flag, after this last election.

  7. What a dumb asshole, I think maybe the voters of Texas must feel ashamed, or they are as stupid as he is!

  8. He is feeding to his base and every Dem’s in history has offered a free ride just vote for me. I don’t care what color you are if you work hard things will come. No such thing as a free ride.

  9. It is beyond my comprehension, that a person with advanced mental disorder could run for the president of the most powerful country in the world. Even that some very low IQ people can donate money to such idiot.

  10. Just another lame brain idea from the Libturd Dumbocrap Party. Shame there is no longer the House Unamerican Activities Committee they would all be hung.

  11. tell this utter and complete idiot to get the heck out of this Country and move to iran or one of those places where stupidity is the norm.

  12. BETO is a nutcase that belongs in a padded room, NOT THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!! MAGA!!!! TRUMP 2020!!! CANDACE OWENS 2024!!!!

    1. Don’t use the term “White House”, or they will tax the White House for being White as well! Bunch of loons!

  13. aside from all the truth about Beto and then loons in the democrat party, what concerns me the most is the attitude he responded to, after all he was asked by another person in his New Hampshire audience how he would bring racial healing as he suffers from the crime of being white. THE CRIME OF BEING WHITE! Is this what it is all coming to?

  14. I am now 1/1064 Cherokee.
    So, I will just start identifying as Native American.
    If the liars on the left can do it, we can too.

  15. Democrats are absolutely the most evil, crooked, lying idiots that were ever placed on this earth. So, I worked my entire life, retired and now I am supposed to pay yet another tax because I AM WHITE. HOW ABOUT A BLACK TAX FOR ALL THE RIOTING, STEALING EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON TO BE PAID TO THE PEOPLE WHO SUSTAINED TREMENDOUS LOSSES BECAUSE OF THEM THIS IS ALL B.S.

  16. This is just pure racism against the white race. I wonder if white Beto would pay his own tax. You cannot correct past racism with more racism. Two wrongs do not make a right. This shows despite the Democrats claiming to be champions of stamping out racism are the most racist group yet and, encourage more racism. This will just cause more division between different races and more tension between different races to trust each other enough to work together to achieve common goals .

  17. I would like to propose a tax of my own. This tax would be a 15% DA ( DUMB A** TAX) levied against DA proposed tax proposals.

  18. Why don’t we impose a tariff on anything coming out of Africa for repayment to those whose Ancestors were kidnapped and sold to slave traders. Without fellow Africans being involved, there would have been no slaves.

  19. May be Black Africans should pay reparations to Black Americans since they were the ones who captured other black people and sold them into slavery. While we’re about it Muslim Arab countries should chip in as they still engage in slavery. They should also pay compensation to Europeans since over a million Europeans were taken into slavery.

  20. I don’t think so,…
    He’s not looking for votes,…AND if that was exactly
    what he meant to say!
    Everyone works to live, and if you don’t well,
    Good luck with that.
    A white tax, sounds like a riot waiting to
    happen, BUT……I really don’t see this getting
    any ground At all……

  21. Beto is a dangerous ignorant fool, driven by a lust for power and the destruction of the American society! What has become of the left…? Some call it the “deranged Trump syndrome”, some call it a mental illness suffered by the liberal left party and supporters, I can it simply stupid ignorance! Try and tax me for my race and all hell will break loose on the left party members and their supporters! These morons will do anything to regain power, for the sake of power and profit for themselves, they have no interest in the everyday American, except as a tool to be used…! I for one will not be used, nor will I allow these morons destroy what America stands for! I will fight to my last breath anyone trying to take my rights and liberties away, if required, and do so with my head held high, not up my ass like the left does!

  22. White, christian men created the greatest nation that has ever existed. this is not a racial statement just facts. the rest of the world stinks and everyone wants to move here and destroy what we have

  23. Fortunately, the only way Robert Francis O’Rourke will see the inside of the WH is if he takes the public tour. His warped outlook is typical of the hateful attitude of the democrats toward the general population. Their only objective is to control the population, the total population with their demented schemes and shameless hypocrisy.

  24. If Warren can be Indian, I can be black. Im sure there is some mixed blood in my ancestry somewhere.

    1. Most people have mix heritage. Your heritage doesn’t make YOU,,,,,, you make your HERITAGE.

  25. To anyone supporting reparations, I ask this. Few Blacks on this country do not have some “white” on them. Racial mixing has been going on for centuries. Likewise many Whites have “black” in them. So, how to decide who pays who?

  26. Isn’t that what we do now????????????
    Grants to States for Medicaid 374.7 389.2
    EITC and Child Tax Credit 79.1 77.2
    SNAP 70.2 68.5
    Supplemental Security Income Program 58.8 55.1
    Housing Assistance 49.1 47.9
    Pell Grants
    Student Financial Assistance 28.5 30.0
    TANF 16.0 16.4
    Child Nutrition 22.5 22.9
    Head Start
    Children and Families Services Programs 10.6 11.1
    Employment & Training 7.6 7.1
    Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children 5.7 5.4
    Child Care
    Payments to States for the Child Care and Development Block Grant + Child Care Entitlement to States 5.7 5.9
    LIHEAP 3.4 3.2
    Total Welfare Spending 731.9 Billion 739.9 Billion

  27. Robert should join the Navy and be a signal man the way he moves his arms he can be seen a kind ways off which would do two things to help the country 1st it would get him out of the news because he is just plain STUPID and second he could put those arms to good use but he will not be getting over 300 grand a year and who knows how much he put in his pocket of the 70 million he lost in the Senate race,

  28. Okay, I been waiting for one of the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites to come up with this one..
    Itis obvious to everyone that we can no longer coexist with these life forms They will not stop until the civil war starts, why are we waiting?

  29. Why is this justice?.. thousands of whites emmigrated here long after slavery was abolished.

  30. O’Rourke doesn’t “suffer” from “white privilege” any more than the Obama children suffer from “black privilege.” But like the Obama children, he is a child born to wealthy parents and was raised to believe he was special.

  31. I have a better idea, let’s take congresses paychecks they haven’t earned because they are to busy trying to find fault with a good president,and pay native Americans, chinese and blacks from africa

  32. If you think the 1st CIVIL WAR was based on everything pertaining to the black race, TRY to enforce a WHITENESS tax! You will have EVERY white person going to war, and believe me, it WON’T be CIVIL at all! (Meaning generous and polite)

  33. I support a Stupidity Tax for Beto and all the other Idiots that support him and the likes of him.


  35. As my father told me if you ever have any thing of value you have to work for it because nothing is free, so many demcRATS promise free this and free that, some even promise if you don’t want to work you will still be paid to sit on your Ass and do nothing at all, SO what if every citizen decides they don’t want to work and support these freeloaders, where are the people that made these promises going to get the money to pay every one who decides to stay home watch TV all day or just joy ride on the governments dime, play video games or just sleep and eat all day, how soon will the freebies be cut out if this happens

  36. Dems remind me of a joke I once heard about a bird called a mile a more bird. This bird would stick his head in the sand and whistle out his ass and you could hear it for a mile a more. That’s all dems do is whistle out their ass and never say anything. This guy reminds me of obama a great orator which reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw stating instead of dazzling her with diamonds just baffle her with BS. That sums up the dem party.

  37. Speaking for myself, I worked my ass off for 41 years at a profession that was both physically and mentally demanding. If that Communist, Beto O’Rourke were to be elected and pull that sort of thing I most definitely will turn to a life of crime, and I suggest everyone else do the same.

  38. That is a HUGH RACIST ACTION. I sure am sick of hearing that we are to blame for everything. Is someone going to do an abuse reparations tax for me being abused my whole childhood?

  39. If you can’t figure out a policy that helps all Americans as a group, all at once, then please shut it. I am of the belief that if you are on the soap box picking sides, then you should be stoned to the ground. You speak for no American, only yourself.

  40. This idiot is all the way out of his mind. If you want to talk about reparations what about generations of welfare, and we all pay tax on this. So this loud mouthed moron can take his ideas and leave the country. I want reparations for my grandfathers brother who was killed the same day he got off the boat from Greece. He couldn’t answer a question, so he was killed. Everyone has suffered one time or another in this country. You cannot relive history, so why even bring it up. This Beto nutcase is an imbecile who has no business even having a drivers license. The only thing this weirdo can run is his finger up his (you thought I was going to say it) nose.

  41. You f ing ass! I’m Native American and my people were the victims of a genocide. Most Black Americans were sold into slavery by other blacks due to warfare. The losers captured and sold. Not to mention that to be Nlsck in America is a step above the conditions that most Africans live in, including millions who live in fear of death today, not to mention dire poverty. Shut the hell up about reparations until you get your ignorant foot out of your ass. Beto, go to the Navajo or Sioux Tribal Reservations and tell me what you see. Conditions far worse.

  42. Here’s a man trying to act like he’s not a racist and trying to help people only by the color of their skin. This smacks of racism. It contradicts his entire action. He’s inflicting a burden of one type people because of skin color and giving to another. Why not just help all the poor or is that too simple an idea for him to handle. Racism will always exist when people refer to others by color differences. We are equal and need to be treated equal starting immediately. I hope people start acting intelligently and fix the laws that make many poor. Here’s food for thought. Why don’t we just take taxes out of the equation entirely for people lets say making under 50k. See this is such a simple way to put money back into the poor. I’m sure many other ideas are out there. One other idea of mine is how about stopping inflation? Sounds too good to be truely ever happening.

  43. And his plan involves taking cash from white people via taxes and transferring it to African-Americans as part of wealth redistribution, Fox News reported.
    Less me get this straight in my mind. I worked my butt off working a full time job, sometimes part-time and going to college while raising a child for 10 plus years and these radical Democrats want to raise taxes on white people and give to blacks. WHY? Blacks, Hispanics, Oriental have the same privilege to work and go to school, however, all they want to do is protest, riot and rob so they don’t have to work. They wish to draw welfare when they are able bodied and can work. Race isn’t the issue… the issue is government welfare programs… no programs… they have to work. I’m tired of this race card. 2 Thes 3:10 states that man that doesn’t work don’t eat. Take care of yourself and family and don’t depend on the government…. the government is BROKE.

    1. Set beto in a lawn chair in some stressed out Chicago neighborhood ,and see how long his racism by tax lasts …he might get over taxed

  44. This total thing is nuts. I guess free food stamps, free rent,, free school, free cloths, free this free that. Where do these people get off. These are the people who live off of America their hole lives. These are the people who vote Dem. They believe every thing the Dem say year after year. These people are brainless.

  45. Good idea.Triple tax for WHITE DEMOCRATS.Tax for Whiteness then for being a Communist/Democrat and lastly for belonging to the KKK Jim Crow party

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