2020 Candidate BASHES America

Wow. It’s truly unbelievable to hear what some Democrats really think about the United States.

While campaigning in South Carolina, 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg dared to suggest that America “was never as great as advertised.”

Taking aim at President Trump and his campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” Buttigieg slammed the idea that the country was ever so good to begin with. 

How can a person run for the office of U.S. president but not believe in the greatness of the country? How would that affect the political climate?

Thankfully these are questions we most likely won’t have to answer when President Trump takes on another four years in the White House. 

    1. Why would anybody vote for someone that would bash what thay are running for. Open your eyes Americans! Do you bash the country you want to become the leader of? It doesn’t sound like he would do anything good for it!!!

      1. You know why? Because the sheep of the democratic party get home from work, have dinner and then turn on the news on tv. Guess which news? DUH. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC. FAKE NEWS. The sheep don’t know anything different. They just sit there with their drink in hand listening to lies, lies, lies, thinking their are getting the truth. What a shame. They need to WAKE THE HELL UP. Go to FOX NEWS and get a dose of the TRUTH. Remember this you sheep out there. The synonym for democrats is COLLECTIVE STUPID. Is that what you want to be a part of?


  1. Our country was born by genocide; possible the largest ever in history. It was then built by slavery. Yes, we are a great country, but WAY down the lists in education, health care, happiness, and close to the top in violence, gun deaths, etc. Currently under the thumb of there lawless GOP, who are refusing and negating the rule of law, led by a lying traitor, at the beck and call of Putin and Russia, a shame, but we’ve been through\ worse and can come out of it. mayor Pete seems to be a great guy, a true hero and patriot.

    1. I love the USA , Born here, raised here, and would not want to live any where else. Some people need to find a country they love and move there ! I will Vote Trump/Pence in 2020. Loving our President and Vice-President !

  2. That’s the ticket. BASH the country you wish to lead. Voters love that. Go for it ALL YOU DEMOCRATS – that’s such an uplifting message!

  3. There has to be something good about America to allow queers to live , we could be like the Middle East and throw him From high Rise!

  4. If we the voters don’t stop the Democrats there is no telling what will happen to our country. Vote, get everyone you know out to vote. Re=elect President Trump, keep the Senate and gain back the House!!!

  5. While democrat elected officials have boldly stated the past two years, their agenda is to make America socialist, then communist. Most alarming is the blind following among registered democrats who don’t necessarily hate America, but follow the ‘party’ much like lemmings who follow each other over a cliff to their own deaths en mass.

  6. Good–then move to any 3rd world country and stay there. You idiot. This country may not be perfect but it sure most others!

  7. Every time the Democrats open their mouths they tell you how much they hate America. How they want to kill the baby’s and give free health care and give you money to live. And give your jobs away to the illegals. Sounds like a night mare. This is why they well, LOOSE in 2020.

  8. Another obamer, in every way, guess next he will be apologizing to the other nations on bended knee, people we don’t need this POS as president, he may not be muslim but he will sell the US down the river if he becomes president, so don’t vote for the democRATS please we need to retake the house and increase the majority of the senate if we ever hope to get anything done like a border wall and new laws concerning illegals coming into this country we need stricter laws and people who will carry them out, we also need to stop birthright citizenship illegals are not under US jurisdiction this was fabricated by the democRATS in order to increase illegals chances of citizenship due to them having an anchor baby

  9. The numerous democrats who are hoping to run for president, don’t have a clue about what makes this country special, and for that reason alone, they aren’t qualified for any public office, not even dog catcher!

  10. How would this young punk know that America was never a great nation since he is still “wet behind the ears”? I was born right after the end of WWII and I know it was the greatest Nation in the world since we helped defeat the Germans, Japanese and Italians in the biggest war ever and build the most powerful economy which drove the world economy for over 70 years. This little sodomite needs a history lesson or two..

  11. The maggot is pushing for the illegal vote, we need irrefutable photo/voter ID; so Americans pick their elected officials, not the votes of the dead, insane, incarcerated and illegal.

  12. There are plenty of countries where he could not exist. I reckon the media will add this to their glowing list of what makes him a great candidate to win for the Democrats.

  13. The Democratic Party never loved this country or thought it was great to begin with. They want to end the Constitution, claiming it is out dated. They also want to get rid of the electoral college, by replacing it with the popular vote because Hilary actually won because of the popular vote. Actually did she? . Furthermore, what about allowing non citizens and felons such as murders to vote in the elections. Secondly, they would not sign a bill to protect babies born alive after an abortion Some have stated that they thought that it should be up to the mother to decide if she wants the baby, if not then leave it to die..

    1. She did not win the popular vote, add Trump voters to the other parties votes and she looses by over 5M votes. Next, 47 percent of eligible voters, don’t. There really has never been a majority vote winner because of this. Hence, the electoral college.

  14. Hey Veterans, he can say what he wants, that is one of the reasons I served our country, but he sounds like a communist and we don’t have to vote for him.

  15. I see he is talking out his Buttigieg . It is amazing the idiot had the microphone upside right. But if an ISIS member can get elected in Minnesota, anything is possible.

  16. This guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing- his Father was an avowed MARXIST and he is a Red Diaper baby.
    We already had a Leftist President in Obama and this guy is just more of the same.’Do we really want the U.S. to go that route again to Failure?

  17. Why is it that the democrats either bash this country or apologize for it ??? > Where are all the patriots , sure no within the democrat party from the sound of things that they continually say & do!!!

  18. The interesting question is Why the Democrats “hate” the American System so much ? Seriously are
    they just that much into power and money ? Do THEY really feel that THEY know everything and can
    tell the rest of Americans how to live ? What is their ultimate plan ? Overthrow the US ? Perhaps it is
    simpler – THEY ARE THE PARTY OF HATE ! If you like something they hate it, if you propose something
    they hate it, if you do/accomplish something they hate it. It’s like if you take a list of what’s in the Con-
    situation – THEY hate it ! Or, are they just amoral without ethics and just hate anything good ?

    1. America is a country with one the of largest income disparities, with high suicide and stress levels , where the majority are living paycheck to paycheck. Racism and intolerance has increased and we have the most amoral crook for a president. It is more patriotic to fight to make the country do what is right than to pretend its bad behavior is great. Democrats and independents know this and Republicans refuse to understand this.

      1. your an f—– moron lady Obama was the worse but hey what can you expect from a snowflake Democrat asshole

  19. Well what would expect from a homo named Butt-gieg? Hating america is what the LBGT-QHF, Dimwit Dems do.


  21. This idiot doesn’t have a chance! If that’s what he thinks I sure as hell would never vote for him as a leader anywhere!!! Especially not my President.

  22. As we used to say “AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT’. If you don’t love it don’t run for president. Pack you s–t and leave.

  23. If America is so bad, WHY HAVE MILLIONS FROM EVERY COUNTRY AROUND THE WORLD MADE EVERY EFFORT TO COME HERE??? mr. butthead should leave now, lower slobovia sounds like the right place for him and he should take Nasty nadler, mr. schitt. shoemer,petrockski and all the dumocrat wishful presidential wannabe’s as well.

  24. Twenty-one pieces of dung on the wall,
    Twenty-one pieces of dung!
    If one of those pieces should happen to fall,
    There’s twenty-brown pieces of dung on the wall!!

  25. Hey Butinski or whatever your name is, I gave up of my life and somebody parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces and would do it again if I could. You are a traitor! UP YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hey Butinski or what ever your name is, I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending America. I would do it again if I could. You are a traitor! You are unfit to served!

  27. Why don’t you move out of OUR COUNTRY YOU ASS. Try going to other countries , third world countries, and see the difference. We were stationed in the Philippines during the Vietnam era. It opened up my eyes to see how lucky I was growing up in America. We were poor when I was growing up but I felt as though we were rich after living in the Philippine for 2-1/2 years. I was 18. I bet a lot of people would disagree with you ole Petey boy. I may have been mad at Our country here or there but I always thought MY COUNTRY WAS GREAT. I would never vote for you.

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