2 Trump-Hating RINOs Have Teamed Up – Guess What They’re Doing

Two instantly recognisable RINOs are the former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Representative Adam Kinzinger, who voted to impeach Trump a few months ago.

Both of them have been a thorn in the side of the MAGA agenda, and now they’re appearing together for a fundraising effort.

Next week Paul Ryan will hold a fundraiser for douche Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger, an outspoken Trump hater.

Boy these guys are something.

Breitbart.com reported:

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will headline a fundraiser for Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), one of the House Republicans’ loudest anti-Trump critics, according to a report.

Politico obtained a copy of the fundraiser invitation, which reads that tickets range from $250 to $11,600 per person. The event is scheduled to occur Monday, May 24th. Kinzinger was one of ten House GOP members to vote in favor of Trump’s second impeachment.

The Gateway Pundit

What kind of Republican would pay that kind of money to see those two?

Certainly not a pro-Trump Republican, that’s for sure.

This RINO wing of the party has a lot of money from donors and special interests.

It exists because it’s paid to exist.

The people involved in it are not genuine patriots, and are often liberals disguised as conservatives.

But one thing the RINOs will never have is the support of real American patriots.

Donald Trump gave us the greatest victory for the conservative movement in decades, and has been one of the best Presidents we’ve had in over a century.

He has the loyalty of patriots because he earned it.

The arrogance of those within the GOP who oppose him and his efforts is astounding.

Trump represents the people.

Ryan and Kinzinger do not.

It’s that simple.

  1. Paul Ryan, who as speaker ..Gave 4.44MILLION DOLLARS TO Iranian hostages of OVER 30 YEARS prior EACH OF THE 53…PLUS 600,000 APIECE to their children..Billion dollar BOONDOGLE CONSERVATIVE?????

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