WATCH: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs EPIC Bill Into Law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken decisive action to protect the integrity of women’s sports today.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is signing a bill aimed to protect women’s sports — a move that comes at a time the left pushes to allow biological males who say they are female to compete against – and with  – biological girls.

“In Florida, girls and going to play girls sports and boys are going to play boys sports,” DeSantis said Tuesday to applause.

In April, the Florida legislature passed a measure preventing transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports at both the high school and college levels. DeSantis is signing the measure into law Tuesday during an event at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.

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He hits the bullseye with these comments.

It’s plain and simple.

Boys will play sports for boys.

Girls will play sports for girls.

These things shouldn’t be up for debate, but in our woke society, they are.

Conservatives have no need to spend their time debating silly points like what a girl is and what a boy is.

They want to focus on the real issues.

But liberals want to deconstruct what it means to be human and remake everyone in their own image.

DeSantis is fighting back against their insanity.

One of his fellow GOP officials in Florida laid out the common-sense case for the new law.

It’s not meant to be hurtful. It’s not meant to be discriminating. It’s not meant to attack any group,” Florida Sen. Kelli Stargel (R) said, defending the measure, explaining it comes down to fairness and the fundamental physical advantages and physiological differences that biological males have compared to females.“This is not about that. This is about sports and having competitive advantage and having the ability to compete,” she said, adding that the measure is meant to aid women, giving them the opportunity “to participate, to get scholarships, to excel with other women of like strength and capability.”

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Boys and girls are different.

Once again, why is this even up for debate?

It’s because Democrats have forced the issue.

The only sensible answer is to resist it totally, and that’s what DeSantis is doing.

Here he is signing the bill.

He’s also taken action on other planks of the liberal agenda too.

DeSantis’s signing of this bill follows key action taken in recent weeks on a number of other agenda items, including Big Tech censorship and election integrity. The governor also signed an anti-riot measure and bill banning the use of vaccine passports in the Sunshine State in recent weeks.

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This is all great stuff to see from a GOP Governor.

We wish DeSantis every success as he continues to cement Florida’s reputation as the most patriotic state in the Union.

You Won’t Be Surprised At Who Did THIS To GOP Rep’s House

In a shocking crime committed on Memorial Day, the house of a Republican representative was vandalized.

Vandals defaced Rep. Nancy Mace’s (R-SC) house on Memorial Day with profanity and Antifa symbols, according to photos she released via Twitter on Monday.

“In the early morning hours of Memorial Day, my home, where I’m raising my two children, was vandalized with Antifa symbols and profanity. Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, these criminal acts are unacceptable no matter your politics,” she tweeted.

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Radical left-wing activists have made clear how much they hate conservatives, and criminal acts like this prove it.

It doesn’t matter to them that Rep. Mace is raising children in that house.

It doesn’t matter to them that she’s a fellow human being doing her job.

All they can see is she holds different opinions to them, so she has to be threatened and intimidated.

What a nice way to live your life, targeting other people for their views…

Rep. Mace showed a few images of the vandalism on Twitter.

She also revealed this has happened to her before, which is a disgrace.

The comments that were spray-painted on her property will come as no surprise to any conservative.

Mace’s press release said the vandals wrote the following on her property.

“pass the pro act”

“no god, no masters”

“all politicians are bastards”

“Fuck you Nancy”

3 Antifa symbols

Breitbart News

They don’t believe in God.

And they support Antifa.

Who could have guessed!

But seriously, stuff like this shouldn’t be happening and shouldn’t be tolerated.

If we had patriots in the Deep State, our three-letter agencies could throw the book at these people.

But we don’t, and that’s what needs to change.

Trump began a non-violent political revolution, and we must continue it.

Massive Surge In Arrests In Arizona – Here’s Why

Arizona has seen an increase in arrests, and they’re all in one category.

Border Patrol officials in the Tucson Sector report an increase in the number of arrests of single adult migrants this year. Agents apprehended nearly 90,000 so far this fiscal year.

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These are insane numbers.

Arizona is being flooded by migrants thanks to open-borders Joe Biden.

These numbers are also much higher than they were this time last year, so it’s definitely not something the Democrats can blame on President Trump.

That increase isn’t simply a numbers game either.

There’s a lot of other crimes mixed in with these arrests.

The border patrol even found 2 violent criminals who’d been deported once already!

This one was convicted of manslaughter.

And this one was convicted of exposing himself to a child.

Just how porous have America’s borders become?

Trump had this all under control, and Democrats are working frantically to undo all his good work.

But this goes beyond Presidents and politics.

If so many dangerous people are entering America just as the Biden Administration is loosening border controls, then that means our streets are less safe.

More and more illegal aliens and violent criminals will be roaming the streets looking to cause trouble, and with the ‘defund the police’ movement gaining traction, who will respond to your calls for help?

These are tough and unpleasant questions.

But they are questions we all need to be asking ourselves, so we can prepare as best we can for the damage the Biden Administration is inflicting on America.

Guess What’s Going On With Gas

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing and summer is coming, more Americans are eager to get out in their cars and drive.

This was never a concern under President Trump, where gas prices were stable and low.

Under Joe Biden, they’re soaring.

As the coronavirus pandemic ends and the summer travel season begins, consumers face gas prices surging past $3 a gallon for regular unleaded. Experts say high demand from people eager to get on the road again and oil production increases cause the highest gas prices since 2014.

According to AAA, the current average price is $3.045 a gallon for regular unleaded nationwide. That national average is up 14.3 cents per gallon from a week ago and $1.06 higher than a year ago.

Breitbart News

That’s an extra $1 per gallon you’re paying to drive your car thanks to the Biden Administration.

They don’t particularly like America’s energy independence, or the fact that people were getting gas cheaper than they were before.

In some places, gas prices are even higher than $3 a gallon.

As Breitbart News reported, in California gas prices at several fuel outlets are much higher with one gas station selling fuel for $6 a gallon:

The Mobil station across from the Beverly Center shopping mall, near Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, was selling regular unleaded gasoline for $5.29 and 9/10 per gallon on Monday evening, and “Super Plus” for $5.99 and 9/10 — self serve, without assistance or a car wash.

Those prices were unusually high, even for Los Angeles, where many stations charged between $4 and $5 per gallon over the holiday weekend, and the average is currently about $4.22 per gallon, according to

Breitbart News

It’s no surprise that Democrat-run California’s prices are among the highest in the country.

Wherever Democrats are in charge, everything gets more expensive thanks to higher taxes and socialist economic policies.

Even the average price for California is higher than it’s ever been.

According to AAA, the highest recorded average price was $4.114 in July 2008.

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Genuinely conservative Republicans could get these numbers down, just like Trump did.

But Joe Biden, his Administration, and the Democrats are perfectly content to see prices soar.

That tells you everything you need to know about their attitude to the American people.

REVEALED: Biden Gives Extra Contracts To 1 Type Of Business

The Biden Administration’s latest obsession is something they refer to as the racial wealth gap.

They’ve now decided to give 50% more contracts to minority-owned businesses.

Simply because they’re not owned by white people, it seems.

President Joe Biden plans Tuesday to propose new rules that will award minority-owned businesses 50 percent more contracts, ignoring a fair bidding process to lessen the “racial wealth gap.”

“Under the Biden proposal, the administration would aim to increase the amount of federal contracting dollars given to small disadvantaged business by 50 percent over five years, amounting to an additional $100 billion in funding for those businesses,” the Hill reported.

The report also mentions nearly 10 percent of “federal agencies’ contracting money typically goes to small, disadvantaged businesses in a typical year.” Small, “disadvantaged” businesses includes minority-owned businesses.

The federal government picking winners and losers, based on “disadvantaged” status, the administration says, will “strongly impact lessening the racial wealth gap.”

Breitbart News

That’s a lot of money being given out to business owners because of the color of their skin.

It doesn’t make any sense.

There’s very rarely a reason to give out free money, and this reason is no good at all.

But it shows you where the priorities of this Administration are.

They’ll do anything to help groups they see as disadvantaged, but they won’t lift a finger for white conservative Americans.

This proposal could also hurt white business owners too.

The specific selection of certain businesses will reportedly extend federal purchasing power to those chosen businesses, giving them a competitive edge with businesses which are not minority owned or “disadvantaged.”

Breitbart News

Instead of letting businesses compete with each other in the free market, the Biden Administration will tip the scales in favor of minority-owned businesses.

There’s no doubt this will be a recipe for division.

If the Biden Administration wanted to help disadvantaged businesses, they could cut taxes and relocate manufacturing within America instead of outsourcing it.

But that’s clearly not what the globalists backing Biden want to happen.

They seem to want Americans divided and pitted against one another.

That will not end well for anyone.

Teacher Put On Leave For Daring To Question THIS Far-Left Policy

A school in Virginia recently drew strong criticism from a physical education teacher for its policy on pronouns.

That policy states the following.

“LCPS staff shall allow gender-expansive or transgender students to use their chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any substantiating evidence, regardless of the name and gender recorded in the student’s permanent educational record,” it read.

“School staff shall, at the request of a student or parent/legal guardian, when using a name or pronoun to address the student, use the name and pronoun that correspond to their gender identity. The use of gender-neutral pronouns are appropriate. Inadvertent slips in the use of names or pronouns may occur; however, staff or students who intentionally and persistently refuse to respect a student’s gender identity by using the wrong name and gender pronoun are in violation of this policy,” according to policy 8040.

The Gateway Pundit

The gender agenda is infiltrating more and more of our institutions, and now its in our schools.

This is madness.

You are what you are born as, and that’s what you should be referred to as.

Regardless of the choices you make as an adult.

The teacher shared his views, and got put on leave for it.

Here’s what he said.

Tanner Cross who is an elementary school physical education teacher in Virginia, was placed on leave after disputing that a “biological boy can be a girl and vice versa,” at a school board meeting.

During a Loudoun County school board meeting on Tuesday, teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross spoke out against the policies surrounding gender.

“My name is Tanner Cross and I am speaking out of love for those who are suffering from gender dysphoria,” Cross said to the board

Cross continued on to mention the “60 Minutes” special about the issue on gender dysphoria.

“It’s not my intention to hurt anyone, but there are certain truths that we must face when ready. We condemn school policies [that] would damage children, defile the holy image of God,” Cross continued.

“I love all of my students but I will never lie to them regardless of the consequences. I’m a teacher but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion. It’s lying to a child, it’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God,” Cross also shared.

The Gateway Pundit

This is a moving statement that clearly shows how much Cross cares about his faith and the children he teaches at the school.

You can watch the whole clip below.

It’s his right to hold these views and to share them.

That’s guaranteed under the Constitution.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to the school.

Fox News was able to obtain an email sent to the group ‘Parents Against Critical Theory’ on Thursday that announced Cross’ leave from the Leesburg Elementary school.

“I’m contacting you to let you know that one of our physical education teachers, Tanner Cross, is on leave beginning this morning. In his absence, his duties will be covered by substitute staff already working in our building,” Principal Shawn Lacey wrote in the email.

The principal continued, “I wanted you to know this because it may affect your student’s school routine. Because this involves a personnel matter, I can offer no further information.”

Cross was placed on leave for unknown reasons. Lacey sent the email, according to Loudoun County Public Schools, who confirmed it to Fox News.

“The decision to place an employee on leave is not the principal’s,” according to Spokesman Wayde Byard.

“The contents of personnel files are confidential under state and federal law. I cannot comment other to say that Mr. Cross is on administrative leave with pay,” Byard mentioned to Fox News.

The Gateway Pundit

The school should reinstate Cross and admit it’s un-American to censor someone for their religious beliefs.

That’s the only reasonable resolution for this.

Russian Foreign Minister Says Something No RINO Ever Will

The January 6 Capitol protests were a patriotic rebellion against liberals and the Deep State by hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters.

The Deep State and liberals did not like their show of strength.

So it brought down a lot of pressure on those who’d attended and entered the Capitol after the doors were opened for them.

RINOs have refused to speak up for them and say their names.

Nor have any RINOs mentioned the name of the young patriot who was killed.

Ashli Babbitt was her name, and only Rep. Paul Gosar has named her.

But one surprising person has spoken up for persecuted patriots.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke out against the unconstitutional continued persecution of the Jan. 6 protesters.

The US Government has arrested somewhere near 450 US citizens for the protests at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Many of those patriots were arrested by the FBI after they were welcomed into the US Capitol by police officers that day.

The Gateway Pundit

Here’s what he had to say.

Russians shouldn’t have to point out things that our own elected Republican officials should be talking about.

It’s a failure of the Republican Party that hundreds of patriots have been left abandoned in the clutches of the FBI and Deep State allies.

Because of this failure we need to primary and replace all phony Republicans with true America First patriots, and fast.

If we don’t, then what will happen the next time patriots get arrested?

Nothing. They’ll be left on their own at the mercy of hostile agents of the American regime.

Kamala Harris Makes Big Memorial Day Mistake

It’s no surprise that Democrats don’t really care much about America.

They view patriotism as a virus like COVID, to be eliminated.

But they usually hide it well.

Occasionally, there’s a few slip-ups.

On Saturday, Harris shared a photo of herself smiling and wrote, “Enjoy the long weekend.”

Social media users condemned Harris’ lack of tact reminding the vice president of the sacrifices the “long weekend” is meant to honor.

Fox News

That’s probably all that Harris really sees this as.

Just another weekend, nothing special.

She was soon taken to task.

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert also weighed in with a spot-on question.

The Biden Administration has no love for this country, and regards anyone who loves it with suspicion.

That’s why America has suffered so much under the Biden-Harris Administration.

We need to get a patriot like Trump back in the White House ASAP.

AZ Gov. Doug Ducey Just Proved He’s A RINO – Here’s Why

On Friday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey vetoed 22 bills.

Easily done when a weekend is coming up that allows you to avoid scrutiny.

One of these bills was a voter integrity bill that could have helped secure elections in the state.

Here’s his reasons why.

Very convenient for liberals to have someone they can rely on in a red state.

Ducey should be doing what Republican voters want, not putting their concerns to one side and saying he’ll come back later.

These politicians are there to serve us, not the other way round.

Ducey has made some pretty bad choices in the past too.

This isn’t the first time the governor showed his true colors.  Ducey ignored a boatload of evidence of potential fraud in the 2020 Election and signed off on the results anyways in November, while at the exact same time Rudy Giuliani and the Trump team were presenting their case in front of the Arizona legislature.

The Gateway Pundit

This is a slap in the face for MAGA supporters, and they shouldn’t forget it.

To then do this on top of that is even worse.

He’s also vetoed another bill that would have banned critical race theory from being funded by public entities.

The bills that Ducey vetoed were of course written to cover a wide range of topics, with two rather significant defeats. HB 2792, sponsored by State Representative Jake Hoffman, was a crucial piece of election integrity legislation, which would ban the mass mailing of ballots to voters that did not request them. And as National File reported, SB 1074, also originally introduced by Hoffman, bans public entities from promoting or using taxpayer dollars to fund anti-white critical race theory training.

The Gateway Pundit

Just who’s side is Ducey on?

Clearly not ours.

Guess How Many People Watched Biden’s Memorial Day Speech

Joe Biden supposedly got 81 million votes.

That would make him one of the most popular public figures in America.

Yet only the tiniest fraction of that number ever bothers to pay attention to anything he says.

His speech on Memorial Day had a grand total of 560 live viewers.

Not 56,000 – numbers that Trump would have easily reached.

Not even 5,600.

Just 560.

Joe Biden had 560 people watching live on the White House YouTube Channel.

These numbers continue to show a shockingly unpopular president.

The video has more downvotes (1,200) than viewers (560).

The Gateway Pundit

Here’s the full video below.

If you go and click on the link to watch on YouTube, you’ll see that the total number of viewers barely scrapes over the 10,000 mark.

10,024 at the time of writing, to be precise.

It also has over 2000 downvotes, but only 306 upvotes.

What a disaster for the Biden Administration.

Nobody cares what the official President of the United States has to say.

He has the ability to appear on any TV program, has legions of liberal journalists who will do anything he wants, and he can go live from the White House itself.

But that’s not enough to hide the truth.

He’s not well-liked, and he doesn’t hold people’s attention.

Total opposite to Donald Trump, but we all knew that already.

Question is, will he make it to 2024?

He seems to be fading into the background already, and it’s only a few months since he was sworn in.

Let’s wait and see!